St Enoder will transcripts

from Russell Smith

16 January 2002


BULLOCK, Thomas, of Lanivet, yeoman, written 4 Aug 1658, son John BULLOCK, daughters Joan BULLOCK, Anne BULLOCK, Dorothie BULLOCK & Elizabeth BULLOCK, wife Dorothie BULLOCK. Other beneficiaries: William BENNEY, [?] VEALE. Overseers: John PEARCE of St Enoder, Edmund BULLOCK of St Enoder husbandman, George BULLOCK of Lanivet yeoman. Witnesses: William BENNEY & Matthew BENNEY. [Proved 20th Dec 1658].


BULLOCK, Edmund, of St Enoder, weaver, 30th Jan 1681 (Ad), wife Ann BULLOCK*. Trustees/appraisers: Edward HOBLYN of St Enoder yeoman, Martyn JOHN, Joseph JOLLEY, Stephen HOBLYN.


BULLOCK, Edmund of St Enoder, 28th Apr 1759, son Thomas BULLOCK of St Enoder, yeoman. Appraisers of inventory: John BASSETT & Robert VARCOE of St Enoder yoemen.


BULLOCK, Edmund, of Higher Hallone in the parish of St Columb Major, written 14th August 1773, wife Grace BULLOCK, daughters Grace COAL & Catherine BULLOCK (‘except on marrying Peter COURTIS’), sons William BULLOCK, Thomas BULLOCK & Edmund BULLOCK, sons James BULLOCK & John BULLOCK and their guardian Thomas COAD, granddaughters Mary COLE & Elizabeth COLE. [Proved 1 Jan 1774].


BULLOCK, George, of St Enoder, yeoman, written 1 Jun 1784, sons George BULLOCK & Richard BULLOCK, daughters Elizabeth BULLOCK & Phillipa GRIGG wife of Jacob GRIGG. Witnesses: Stephen BULLOCK & Richard POOLE. [Proved 16th July 1784].


PEARCE, (or NAPARROW), Henry, of St Colonmbe Major, undated, brother Thomas PEARSE, wife Jane PEARSE*. Witnesses: John SMITH, Catheren JAMES, Thomas PEARSE. Appraisers of inventory: (March 1658) John JAMES of Ervan, John GILBERT of Enoder. [Proved 21 Aug 1662]


PEARCE, John, of St Enoder, husbandman, 6 May 1659, wife Grace PEARS, daughter Elizabeth BULLOCK & her sons John BULLOCK & Edward BULLOCK and their other brother and sisters (not named), daughter Dorothy BULLOCK, her son John BULLOCK & his sisters (not named), goddaughter Prudence VIVIAN. Other beneficiary: Ann BUSSE (servant). Witnesses: Thomas HOBLYN & Dorothy HOBLYN. Appraisers of inventory: Robert PEARS, John VARCO & Edmund BULLOCK. [Proved 9th May 1666].


ROBERTS, Matthew, of Probus, gent., written 30 Aug 1775. Beneficiaries: wife Grace ROBERTS, sons John ROBERTS, Eldred ROBERTS, Matthew ROBERTS & William ROBERTS, daughter Julian wife of Mr WILLIAMS of Penryn, surgeon, grand nephew John TREWIN of Fowey, servant Matthew TREWIN. Estates; ‘Higher Havenna’ in St Enoder, ‘Carvean’, ‘Trelowthasmeor’ in Probus, ‘Pellamounter’ & ‘Degunbis’ in Newlyn, ‘Higher Tregear’ & ‘Lower Tregear’ in Ladock, ‘The Gillies’ in St Erme, ‘Tregonjohn’ in Creed. Witnesses: William JENNEY, John HUGO & William HOTTEN. [Proved 15 Nov 1776].


PEARCE, Thomas, of St Enoder, 3rd February 1837, sons William PEARCE & Thomas PEARCE, wife Elizabeth PEARCE, William LANGDON* of Halvenna. [Proved 16 Jun 1837].


VIVIAN, William, St Columb Major, Yoeman, 4 May 1659, wife Mary VIVIAN, son Walter VIVIAN, granddaughters Ruth VIVIAN, Abigail VIVIAN, Alicia VIVIAN & Mary VIVIAN*, grandsons Walter VIVIAN & William VIVIAN, godsons Mssrs SLADE & BULLOCK, John MERIFIELD. Other beneficiaries: Elizabeth LANGDON, Grace WHITFORD, Elizabeth COCKE. Overseers: John PRIDEAUX of St Iffey, Henry CARLIAN of St Austel, John PEARS of St Enoder William SLADE of Gorran. Witnesses: John PRIDEAUX, Walter VIVIAN, John MERIFIELD. [Proved 27th January 1662].


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