St Enoder Burials 1681 to 1717

Day & Month Year Forename Surname Abode Register Notes Trancriber Note
31-Mar 1681 Margery POOLE
1-Apr 1681 Dorothy NUTTEN

20-Apr 1681 Ann WOONNE

30-Apr 1681 Colin? ALLAN

13-Sep 1681 Margary? COCK

May 1681 W---ate WILLIAMS

27-May 1681 Edmund BULLOCKE

30-May 1681 Elizabeth ANDRO
daughter of Thomas
10-Jun 1681 Catharin BULLOCK

17-Jul 1681 Christian TOMM

29-Sep 1681 Nann BURLACE
daughter of John
25-Oct 1681 Mary PARNALL
daughter of George
29-Oct 1681 Reynold WILLIAMS

29-Oct 1681 Catharin RICKARD
a child
3-Nov 1681 Alce RICKARD
daughter of John
4-Nov 1681 Isobell KNIGHT
wyffe of Thomas
10-Nov 1681 Richard CHAMPIAN
son of John
1-Jan 1681 Thomas PERKIN

27-Jan 1681 Richard BURGOIN

27-Mar 1682 George TREVETHIK

20-Jul 1682 John PETERS
6-Oct 1682 Roger ROE

1-Nov 1682 Elizabeth COUCH
daughter of Emannell, All Saints Day
Jan 1682 Enoder TREVOSKAS

10-Feb 1682 John BURL-----

8-Mar 1682 Grace ?-------
Phillip Clark
27-Mar 1683 Cathren PETERS?
daughter of ?------ Tight Binding
10-Apr 1683 John OLIVER

17-May 1683 Mary WOON
daughter of ?------
5-Jun 1683 Grace ?-------
wife of William
20-Jun 1683 Nicholas HAMMETT

29-Jul 1683 Edward MARTIN
5-Aug 1683 Jane RANDALL

6-Sep 1683 Samuel DELBRIDGE
son of Samuel and Mary
12-Oct 1683 Joseph TREVASCAS

14-Oct 1683 Penticost WILLIAMS

15-Oct 1683 Henry HELLINS

22-Nov 1683 Phillip ?-------
the son of ?-----
26-Nov 1683 Tristram ?-------

3-Dec 1683 Dorrothy ?-------
Elizabeth --------- of William WILCOCK

1683 Elizabeth WILCOCK
Elizabeth --------- of William WILCOCK
18-Dec 1683 Ma----? HOOPER?
?--- of Andrew
11-Jan 1683 Jane DELBRIDGE

19-Jan 1683 Daniell ISABELL

9-Feb 1683 Mary COUCH

10-Feb 1683 Jone COLE

1-Mar 1683 Jinifer PERKIN

12-Mar 1683 Issatt TROWNSON
wife of William
24-Mar 1683 John NEWTON
son of Alce?
27-May 1684 Michael MARTYN
son of Michael
30-May 1684 John VUGARS
son of Anthony
8-Oct 1684 Joseph PEDERICKE alias STEPHENS

15-Oct 1684 Katheraine NEWTON
daughter of Tho
17-Oct 1684 Grace RICKARD

20-Oct 1684 John RICKARD

5-Nov 1684 John LE------?
son of John
7-Nov 1684 Christian KNIGHT
wife of Francis
15-Jan 1684 Wm TR------
base son of Mary Tight Binding
29-Jan 1684 Dorothy BENNETT

12-Feb 1684 Joseph STEP------
son of Joseph Tight Binding
4-Mar 1684 Anthony WOOLCOCKE

Mar 1685 Stephen BASSETT

Mar 1685 William GROSE

May 1685 Joell BLAKE

3-Jun 1685 Margery JANEE

1-Jul 1685 Joseph WIATT
son of William
Jul 1685 Elizabeth PELLAMOUNTER

20-Sep 1685 Mary STEPHENS

18-Dec 1685 Francis PETERS
son of Francis
4-Feb 1685 John POLLOMOUNTER
6-Feb 1685 Jone HAMBLY
daughter of Robert
11-Feb 1685 Benjamin STEPHENS
son of Joseph
15-Mar 1685 Sampson JOSE
the servant to Hen YEO
24-Apr 1686 Dorothy COCK

13-Jun 1686 John SAMBLE
son of Wm
16-Aug 1686 Robert MARTYN
son of Antho G--
20-Aug 1686 Peter HAWKEY
who was drowned
31-Aug 1686 John POLLOMOUNTER (Junior)

13-Sep 1686 Frances WOOLCOCK
28-Sep 1686 Robert BOLYTHA

5-Nov 1686 John RICKARD
son of Thomas
30-Dec 1686 Margarett HAMMETT

8-Feb 1686 John CLEMOE

9-Feb 1686 Jone LAVYN

19-Mar 1686 Richard WOON
son of John
10-Apr 1687 Nicholas WOON

13-Apr 1687 Jane WOON
daughter of Charles
18-Apr 1687 Wm WIATT
son of Wm
18-Apr 1687 Anthony CALWAY
son of Anthony
10-May 1687 Patience BYSE

8-May 1687 Richard BASSETT

27-Jun 1687 Mary PETERS

4-Sep 1687 Elizabeth GRIBBY Probus wife of Mr John GRIBBY
14-Sep 1687 Michaell MARTYN

22-Oct 1687 Florence BARNES

2-Jan 1687 John RICKARD Roswyn

12-Feb 1687 Jane DELBRIDGE
daugh of Richard
20-Feb 1687 Rose CUNDY

27-Feb 1687 Frances CORNISH

22-Mar 1687 Jone CLARK
wife of Phillip
23-Mar 1687 Mary BERRIBALL
9-Jun 1688 John CALWAY
son of Anthony
11-Jun 1688 William GULLEY (Captain)

5-Sep 1688 John ISBELL

17-Sep 1688 Mary H-----
daughter of Robert Tight Binding
28-Oct 1688 Mary BICE
wife of Luke
11-Nov 1688 Emanuell COUCHE

25-Nov 1688 Patience BISE
daughter of Nich
23-Jan 1688 Luke OLIVER

15-Feb 1688 Anthony SHEPHERD
son of John
8-Mar 1688 William LANG Michell

27-Mar 1689 Richard WARREN
son of Nicholas
29-Mar 1689 William GUMMOW Newlyn

8-Apr 1689 Enoder MARTYN
son of John Enoder has two oblique lines through it
12-Apr 1689 Grace RICKARD Ladock

6-Jul 1689 Thomas HAM

23-Jul 1689 Edward HERD
son of Robert
23-Aug 1689 Richard PHYSICKE?

5-Oct 1689 Grace WILLIAMS

16-Oct 1689 John HAMM

9-Nov 1689 Mary ?--------
the wife of ?----- Tight Binding
21-Nov 1689 Grace WOON
29-Dec 1689 Josias GROSE
son of Samuel
4-Jan 1689 Jone GEORGE
daughter of Richard
9-Jan 1689 Grace WARREN
wife of Nicholas J Tight Binding
19-Jan 1689 Katherine LOVIS
daughter of Stephen
11-Feb 1689 Frances SYMONS

22-Feb 1689 John BARNES (Sen)

13-Mar 1689 Katheraine MARTYN
16-Mar 1689 John RICKARD
18-Mar 1689 Jane FLAMANCKE Ladock

19-Mar 1689 Barbara TYD Michell

24-Mar 1689 Richard SAMBLE
son of William
6-Mar 1690 Katheraine SAMBLE
daughter of Wm
8-Apr 1690 Richard RANDLE
son of Richard and Ja-- Tight Binding
29-Apr 1690 Jone LOVIS Michell

8-May 1690 John RICKARD Michell who w-- Tight Binding
15-May 1690 Francis GULLY
22-May 1690 John WOODHOUSE Michell

30-May 1690 Susanna JAMES Michell

17-Jun 1690 Allice BYSE Michell

28-Jun 1690 Margaret GEORGE
daughter of Richard
5-Jul 1690 Grace BERRABELL

18-Jul 1690 Katheraine RICKARD Michell

17-Sep 1690 Thomasin DYER
25-Oct 1690 Mary WOON

30-Oct 1690 James STEPHENS
son of John
3-Nov 1690 John BARNES
son of Phillep
20-Nov 1690 Ann WOONE
wife of Melchezadick
19-Dec 1690 Thomsam YEAE
wife of Henery
22-Dec 1690 Richard CRUFE Michell

14-Jan 1690 John JANE

16-Jan 1690 Dorithy JANE
Dorithy his wife See 14 January 1690 burial
15-Apr 1691 Dorothy BENNETT

27-Apr 1691 Olliffe BENNETT

13-May 1691 Ann LEEKES Little Colan

17-May 1691 Jane MANDER

17-Jun 1691 William STRANGMAN

25-Jun 1691 Lewis PILL

29-Jul 1691 Peter ROE (Junr)

7-Nov 1691 Ann COUCH

15-Nov 1691 Wm WHITBURN

8-Dec 1691 Thomas ROE

31-Dec 1691 Michaell RICKARD

31-Dec 1691 John VARCO (Senr)

5-Jan 1691 Joan COOD

21-Mar 1691 Melchizadeck WOONE
son of Nicholas
10-Apr 1692 Ann SHEPHERD

10-Apr 1692 William HAMBLYN

15-Apr 1692 Ann WILLIAMS

29-Apr 1692 William CREED

8-May 1692 James CLEMOE

15-May 1692 Walter RANDLE

17-May 1692 Thomasin WOOLCOCK

17-May 1692 Margarett PETERS

12-Jun 1692 James HARRIS

Jun 1692
daughter of Lewes No Christian name given
20-Jul 1692 Katheraine WILLIAMS
daughter of John
27-Jul 1692 John STEPHENS
son of John
6-Aug 1692 Katheraine MITCHELL

14-Aug 1692 John BASSETT
son of John
16-Aug 1692 John GILL

16-Sep 1692 Elizabeth ?--------
wife of ?------
10-Oct 1692 Luke BICE

24-Oct 1692 Nicholas HAWKEY

3-Jan 1692 Wm RANDLE

14-Jan 1692 Jane
No Surname given
21-Jan 1692 Reynold WILLIAMS

14-Feb 1692 Nicholas MARTYN

6-Mar 1692 Margarett THOMAS?

2-Apr 1693 James KELLY

15-Apr 1693 Mary MARTYN St Dennis

27-Apr 1693 Margerett CARVETH

1-May 1693 Richard HERD

5-May 1693 Catheraine HAMBLY

6-May 1693 William JENKIN

27-Jul 1693 Amy HARRIS

3-Aug 1693 Ann ?-------

14-Oct 1693 Daniel BUCKINGHAM

22-Nov 1693 Mary JENKIN

4-Dec 1693 Edmund FOXWELL

11-Dec 1693 John JAMES (Junr)

16-Dec 1693 Margerett GEORGE

26-Dec 1693 Joan DELBRIDGE
26-Dec 1693 Mary DELBRIDGE
27-Dec 1693 Margarett REEVE

3-Jan 1693 Wm WOON

5-Jan 1693 Wilmott JAMES

12-Jan 1693 Ann COCK

9-Apr 1694 Edward RICKARD Ladock

10-Apr 1694 Thomas KNIGHT

12-May 1694 John VIGARS

2-Jun 1694 Elizabeth RANDLE

15-Oct 1694 Enoder RICKARD

5-Nov 1694 George PHARO

16-Dec 1694 Elizabeth FLAMANK
Gent Gent added in different hand
7-Jan 1694 Jane WOONE

13-Jan 1694 Mary TROBUS

18-Jan 1694 Jane WOONE (Jun)

17-Feb 1694 Henry WILLIAMS

21-Mar 1694 John MARTYN Collomb Major

23-Mar 1694 Jane RICKARD

6-Apr 1695 Benjamin THOMAS

15-Apr 1695 Mathew ROBERTS

30-Apr 1695 Mary ANDREW

30-Apr 1695 Grace CUNNY

May 1695 Susanna WOONE

11? Jun 1695 Thomas PADDY
son of Richard
18-Aug 1695 Richard SHAMBLES
son of Will
21-Aug 1695 Gabriel SHEIRE

22-Sep 1695 Vrie? WILLIAMS

Oct 1695 Reinold COLE
son of Tiburt
6-Nov 1695 Stephen LOVILL Michell

3 ?-- 1695 Edward RICKETT

15-Dec 1695 Jane RICKETT
daughter of Henry
Dec 1695 Agnes PADDY
wife of Richard
Jan 1695 Grace ?-------
wife of Nicholas
Feb 1695 William MAUNDER

29 Feb 1695 Blanch HOBB
wife of Nicholas
12-Mar 1695 Will GRISTT

26-Mar 1696 Philip CLARKE

4-Apr 1696 William TROUNSON ?---------

14-May 1696 Anthony GILBERT
son of Anthony GILBERT Alice James name written above entry
26-May 1696 Roger WATTS

23-Jun 1696 Catherine? WOOLCOTT
wife of William
4-Jul 1696 Prudence ?-------

12-Jul 1696 Jane HAWKEY
daughter of Anthony
23-Aug 1696 John FLAMANK
son of Jon Flamank Gent
6-Sep 1696 Jane GRIBBY
daughter of Jn?
6-Oct 1696 John KICKETT
son of Henry
12-Oct 1696 Jon BENNET
son of Jon
16-Oct 1696 Jane WOONE
22-Oct 1696 Richard WOON
son of Nicholas
10-Dec 1696 James POLLARD

16-Dec 1696 Bridgett JENKIN
28-Dec 1696 Will BENNET

24-May 1697 Thos SHEIRE
son of Tho
20-Jun 1697 Anne SAMBLES
daughter of Will
9-Jul 1697 William WILLIAMS

29-Jul 1697 Katherain ALLEN
4-Aug 1697 Mary BARNS
ye base daughter of Philippy BARNS
7-Aug 1697 Richard HOOPER

10-Sep 1697 Isabell HERD

27-Sep 1697 Henery LAURENCE

Oct 1697 John BICE

14-Nov 1697 Mary PETERS

20-Nov 1697 Susanna FLAMMANCK

28-Nov 1697 Richard THOMAS

23-Jan 1697 Francis KNIGHT

12-Mar 1697 Margarett JENKYN

15-Mar 1697 Jon STEPHENS

22-Mar 1697 Anne JENKIN
ye daughter of Jacob
28-Mar 1698 Robt HERD

23-Apr 1698 Elizabeth THOMAS

2-May 1698 Mary ?---------
ye daughter of Nicholas Torn page
4-May 1698 Elizabeth WILLIAMS
24-May 1698 Richard GOMMOW
son of Will
26-May 1698 Gabryell ?-------
son of ------ Torn page
22-Jun 1698 Philemon WILLIAMS

21-Aug 1698 Margret GROSE

25-Aug 1698 Grace HOCKEY

2-Oct 1698 Blanch WOONE

10-Oct 1698 Jane GULLY

11-Oct 1698 Elenor PADDY

18-Oct 1698 An BOLACK

24-Nov 1698 Maude HOOPER

2-Dec 1698 An BESVRING

4-Dec 1698 John GORGE

8-Dec 1698 Phillip JENGKEN

10-Dec 1698 Anthony JAMESS

28-Dec 1698 Melchesidick WOONE

30-Dec 1698 Edward BENET
son of John Tight Binding
8-Jan 1698 ?--ias RICKARD

24-Mar 1698 Ann STRINGER
wife of Martyn
2-Apr 1699 Thomas POOLE

8-Apr 1699 ?------ GREEBY
child to Mr John GREEBY name smudged out
29-Apr 1699 Dorothy WILLIAMS

7-May 1699 John JAMES

1-Jun 1699 Abbigal CORU-----
wife of Stephan Tight Binding
2-Jun 1699 Tabitha CORUI----
daughter of Eusebus Tight Binding
14-Jun 1699 Dorothy WILLIAMS
daughter of James
19-Jun 1699 Jane GRIBY borow of Michel wife of Mr John GRIBY
10-Jul 1699 Mary WHITBURN
daughter of John
3-Aug 1699 Richard RICKARD
son of Edward RICKARD
3-Aug 1699 Jorgise? SWEET

4-Sep 1699 Robert HERD

15-Sep 1699 Richard PADDY

3-Oct 1699 Henry YEW?

13-Nov 1699 Humphry EUSTISE

24-Nov 1699 Mary STRONGMAN
wife of William
1-Jan 1699 Philip RINNOLS?
wife of Richard
2-Jan 1699 John TREGONSA

15-Jan 1699 Thomas HOBLYN (Mr)

11-Feb 1699 Stephen CARVEATH

14-Feb 1699 Anthony MARTYN (Mr)

23-May 1700 Susanna GEORGE Michell the daughter of Richard GEORGE
18-Jul 1700 Joseph GROSE

25-Jul 1700 Anne FLAMANKE
wife of John FLAMANKE Gent
15-Sep 1700 Joan PEDERICK

21-Oct 1700 Margery WILLIAMS
ye wife of Tho
23-Nov 1700 John CUNDY

23-Nov 1700 Richard PETERS

30-Dec 1700 Frances TREWITHICK (Mrs)

2-Jan 1700 John CHAMPIAN

2-Jan 1700 Jane RENNOLDS

12-Jan 1700 Mary SAMBLES
wife of Will
7-Apr 1701 Ann COLE
daughter of Ren
10-Apr 1701 Rennatus COLE

28-Apr 1701 Abigail MARTYN (Mrs)

18-May 1701 John TONKIN
son of Melchisedeck
22-May 1701 Tiburt COLE
son of Tiburt
26-May 1701 Jane HUTCHINS

6-Jul 1701 Agnis ROW

17-Jul 1701 Dewne? PETERS

22-Sep 1701 Peter ROW

26-Dec 1701 Will WOOLCOCKE

29-Dec 1701 Ann CUNDY

7-Apr 1702 Ann PHARAOH

24-Apr 1702 Charity JOLLY (Mrs)

14-Jun 1702 Jane POOL

6-Jun 1702 Will ARTHUR
son of Will
16-Jul 1702 John RICKARD Ladock son of Tho
3-Aug 1702 Sarah RICKARD
daughter of Tho
19-Oct 1702 Anne WOON
daughter of Richard
25-Oct 1702 Patience DYER

4-Jan 1702 Nic WOON
son of John
7-Jan 1702 Mary GROSE

2-Feb 1702 Dorothy FRENCH

Feb 1702 Honour VARCOE
wife of Robert
22-Feb 1702 Grace WOOLCOCKE

22-Feb 1702 Jacob RESKILLY

22-Feb 1702 Katherine BENNET
daughter of John
31-Mar 1703 Eliz WILLIAMS

8-Apr 1703
a child of Patience No Christian name given
16-Apr 1703 Loveday HOBLYN (Mrs)

19-Apr 1703 Walter GOLWELL?

4-May 1703 Tho NEWTON

22-Jun 1703 Eliz CUNDY
daughter of Humphery
10-Aug 1703 Stephen HOSKIN

13-Aug 1703 Sampson BESWALLOW
son of Tho
29-Sep 1703 Francis PETERS

19-Oct 1703 Joan VARCOE

9-Nov 1703 George LEVERTON

2-Dec 1703 Daniel WOON

15-Dec 1703 John MARTIN

28-Dec 1703
a child of John No Christian name given
3-Feb 1703 ?----y RICKARD

24-Feb 1703 Tho FLAMMACK
son of Mr John FLAMMACK
3-Mar 1703 John BASSET

5-Mar 1703 Mary WOON

23-Apr 1704

No Christian name given
29-Apr 1704 Katherine COLE

7-May 1704 Nicolas PENCOS

9-May 1704 Joseph KNIGHT

3-Sep 1704 Prudence KNEEBONE

9-Sep 1704 Mary WHITBURN

3-Nov 1704 Grace LEN
wife of Michael
26-Nov 1704 James COLE
son of Tiburt
23-Dec 1704 Margaret CUNDY

31-Dec 1704 Mary MERRIFILL
D of Tho
18-Jan 1704 Will CUNDY

13-Feb 1704 Thomas VARCOE
son of Robert
19-Apr 1705 Joan WIETT

20-Jul 1705 Jane STRANGMAN

27-Jul 1705 Eliz POLLARD

22-Aug 1705 Richard OLIVER
a base child of Jane OLIVER
2-Dec 1705 Richard CUNDY
son of John
13-Dec 1705 Mathew COUCH

19-Jan 1705 Tho PETERS

18-Feb 1705 Margaret ELVANS

22-Feb 1705 Grace WILLIAMS
D of John
27-Feb 1705 Florence TRETHEWEY

Mar 1705 Florence BESWALLOW
D of James
8-Mar 1705 Francis POOLE
son of Francis
6-Apr 1706 Sarah ROW
wife of Francis
16-Apr 1706 Dorothy LENN
D of Michael
21-Apr 1706 Joseph HAWKEY

21-Apr 1706 Nicolas HAWKEY

25-Jul 1706 John SOPER
son of Edward
30-Oct 1706 Joan COLE

9-Nov 1706 Philip HUSBAND

23-Jan 1706 Joan COLE
D of John
26-Jan 1706 Frances GATTELY

20-Mar 1706 Grace RICKARD
D of Henery
16-Mar 1706 Henery JOLLY
son of Henry
28-Mar 1707 Patience SPARK

1-Apr 1707 Philip THOMAS

26-Apr 1707 Tiburt WOON

16-May 1707 Eusebius JENKIN

18-May 1707 Mary KNIGHT

2-Jul 1707 Honour PILL

16-Aug 1707 Elizabeth RICKARD
D of Henry
29-Aug 1707 Honour HUSBAND Mitchell D of John
13-Sep 1707 Thomas POOL
son of Francis
2-Sep 1707 Eliz CUNDY
wife of John
1-Nov 1707 ?------ KNIGHT
D of Peter Torn page
10-Nov 1707
RICKARD Mitchell son of Tho No Christian name given
4-Dec 1707 Anne POOLE
D of Francis
13-Feb 1707 Richard GRIEN

5-Mar 1707 ?------- ?-------

25-Mar 1707 Mary TREVASKES?

27-Mar 1708 Joseph JOLLY

29-Apr 1708 John BENNET

7-May 1708
D of James No Christian name given
7-May 1708 Jane? PERKINS St Columb

7-May 1708 Anthony TANNER (Mr)

16-May 1708 ?------ PETERS

21-May 1708 Patience SPARK
D of John
24-May 1708 Dorothy RICKARD
D of Henry
4-Jun 1708 Will SAMBLES

4-Jun 1708 Arundel TANNER (Mr)

10-Jun 1708 Philip THOMAS

12-Jul 1708 Eliz POLSEW

14-Jul 1708 John BESWALLOW

28-Jul 1708 Richard GILBERT

2-Aug 1708 Anthony MARTYN

19-Sep 1708 Ruth DRINKWATER (Mrs)

21-Sep 1708 Joseph BESWALLOW

3-Oct 1708 Eliz POOLE

19-Oct 1708 William? FLAMANKE

Mrs Katherin crossed out
4-Dec 1708 Mary BESWALLOW
D of James
10-Dec 1708 Roger FLAMANKE (Mr)

30-Dec 1708 Will CUNDY

11-Jan 1708 John MARTYN

16-May 1709 Thomas DYER

19-May 1709 Nicolas HOBB

1-Jun 1709 Charles WOON

25-Oct 1709 Grace SAMBLES

10-Nov 1709 Katherine BENNET

15-Mar 1709 Richard ROW

22-May 1710 John WILLIAMS

29-May 1710 John CUNDY
son of Solomon
30-Sep 1710 Hugh FORTESCUE
son of Arthur FORTESCUE Gent
24-Nov 1710 Tiburt COLE

10-Dec 1710 Francis HOBLYN

16-Jan 1710 Mary GUMMOE
D of Will
27-Jan 1710 Eliz BASSET
D of Emanuel
28-Jan 1710 Mary RAWLIN
D of James
2-Feb 1710 Jane MARTYN
D of Walter
31-Mar 1711 Paskas VIGERS

6-May 1711 Mary PIERCE

15-May 1711 Nicolas CLEMOE

25-May 1711 Joseph WOODMAN
son of Joseph
10-Jun 1711 Joan WARREN

23-Jul 1711 Barbara HUNT

2-Sep 1711 Anne? SOPER

18-Dec 1711 Amy GROSE

19-Feb 1711 Peter KNIGHT

28-Apr 1712 Joan BASSET
D of Richard
19-Jun 1712 Issabella CUNDY

23-Sep 1712 Mary GUMMOE
D of Will
23-Sep 1712 Susanna SOPER
D of Ed
6-Oct 1712 Margaret GUMOE

2-Dec 1712 Nicholas WARREN

21-Dec 1712 Thomasin BULLOCK

22-Mar 1712 Grace BULLOCK

5-Apr 1713 John PHILIPS

24-Apr 1713 John WILLIAMS
son of Will
25-Apr 1713 ?--ne PARNEL

Tight Binding
8-Jun 1713 Will CODE

15-Jun 1713 Anne WOONE

10-Oct 1713 John BEEL

6-Nov 1713 Mary STRIBLEY

8-Nov 1713 Alice RICKARD (Mrs)

16-Nov 1713 Thomas POOLE
son of Thomas
18-Nov 1713 Joan CLEMOE

18-Nov 1713 Solomon CUNDY

23-Nov 1713 Emblyn GROSE

26-Nov 1713 Andrew HOOPER

29-Dec 1713 Jane BURGOIGN

5-Jan 1713 Margaret RICHARDS

28-Jan 1713 Jane BESWALLOW

11-Apr 1714 Blanch EUSTACE

26-Apr 1714 James ELVANS

30-Apr 1714 Richard COCK

19-Aug 1714 Mary GREBY

31-Aug 1714 John GREBY

12-Sep 1714 Dorothy GREEN

15-Sep 1714 Will GREBY

6-Oct 1714 Michael RICKARD

18-Oct 1714 Abigail WOONE

1-Nov 1714 Thomas FRANCIS
son of John
2-Nov 1714 Stephen CARVETH

10-Nov 1714 Rennatus BENNET
a bade child of Katherine
10-Dec 1714 John CUNDY

10-Dec 1714 Abigail RICH

24-Dec 1714 Katherine WILLIAMS

9-Jan 1714 Mary WOODMAN

24-Jan 1714 John ROW
son of Richard
28-Jan 1714 John WHITBURN

9-Feb 1714 Robert KENT

14-Mar 1714 Tabitha CARVETH

14-Mar 1714 Dorothy COLE

4-Jun 1715 Richard WOONE

16-Jun 1715 Will DOW

18-Jun 1715 Eliz RAWLIN

24-Jun 1715 Grace TANNER (Mrs)

26-Jun 1715 Joan WILLIAMS
D of James
12-Jul 1715 Thomasin HARRIS

12-Jul 1715 Anne WOONE

25-Jul 1715 Thomas CARDIN

27-Jul 1715 Nicholas WILLIAMS

17-Aug 1715 James WILLIAMS

18-Sep 1715 Jane BASSET

17-Oct 1715 Eliz ?-------

21-Nov 1715 Richard JAMES
son of Tho
30-Nov 1715 Robert WILLIAMS

29-Dec 1715 Joseph GROSE

28-Feb 1715 Joan COLE

1-Mar 1715 Mary WILLIAMS

13-Mar 1715 Chessen HARRIS

19-Mar 1715 James WILLIAMS

22-Mar 1715 Martin BEEL

24-Apr 1716 Thomas MERRIFIELD

2-Jun 1716

Torn page, Christian name missing
7-Jun 1716

Torn page, Christian name missing
20-Aug 1716

Torn page, Christian name missing
24-Aug 1716

Torn page, Christian name missing
17-Sep 1716

Torn page, Christian name missing
18-Sep 1716

Torn page, Christian name missing
29-Oct 1716

Torn page, Christian name missing
30-Nov 1716

Torn page, Christian name missing
5-Mar 1716

Torn page, Christian name missing
1-May 1717
Son of Robert Torn page, Christian name missing
7-May 1717
D of Tho Torn page, Christian name missing
10-May 1717

Torn page, Christian name missing
12-Jul 1717

Torn page, Christian name missing
10-Aug 1717

Torn page, Christian name missing
16-Aug 1717

Torn page, Christian name missing
5-Nov 1717 ?----n WOONE

Torn page, Christian name missing
8-Mar 1717 Jane LETCHER

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