In the Name of God Amen I Henry Bettison of the

parish of St Enoder and County of Cornwall Worsterid Comer being some what

Indisposed this Morning but blessed be God perfect in my Understanding

and of a Disposing Mind do make Constitute and Appoint this my

last Will and Testament First as my Chief and Greatest Concern I

commend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it hoping for pardon

and Remission in and thro’ the alone Meritts of Jesus Christ my Blessed

Saviour and Redeemer and my Body to Christian Burial and

those Worldly Goods ye Almighty God has Blessed me with I Give & Bequeath

as follows First I Give to John & Honour Bettison children of my Brother Colan

Bettison a halfe Guinea in Gold each, Also I give to Joan Bettison Daughter

of my Brother Richard Bettison a halfe Guinea in Gold and to the said Joan

I more over Give my Blue Mare to be delivered her Father for her Use at the

time of my Burial Also I Give to my Godson Son of Robert Eddy of the Parish

of Ladock a halfe Guinea in Gold all which mentioned several Legacyes in Money are to be paid at the End of Six Month after my Decease And also

I Give & bequeath to my Trusty Friends my Dearly Beloved Brother Richard

Bettison and my Good Friend Jacob Eddy both of Ladock all my Goods

Chattells Mony Security for Mony and all other my Effects of whatsort

or kind soever they be whom I do hereby make and Constitute Joyntly

and Severally my Executors of this my last Will and Testament In Trust

Nevertheless to and for the sole Use Benifitt and profitt of my Beloved

Children to whom they are to be Accountable as follows That is to say

That all the Devised Goods etc be Equally Divided between my four Children

Share & Share alike And it is my Will Intent and meaning they my Eldest

Daughter Dorcas be paid her part and Dividend when she shall Attain the

Age of Eighteen Years and so of my Other Two Daughters when they shall

respectively Arrise to Eighteen Years of Age and my Son be paid his Share

and Dividend when and as soon as he shall attain to the Age of Fiveteen

Years when I devise that all Accounts to be made up and perfected and Receipts

and Releases Given by my Several Children and tho’ not of the full Age of

Twenty One Years yet tis my Will and I do Accordingly Order that their

Respective Acquittances shall be as Valid Good & Effectual to all Intents

and purposes who then in Law or Equity as if my said Children had been

in full Age And tis further my Will and I do hereby I begg and

Devise my said Exects to have an Especial care of my Dear Children in

providing for them as they my Exects shall think fitt in bring them up in

the fear of God and on the Exercise of some Occupation Trade and Calling

as may Enable them respectively to get an Honest Livelihood and for this

and all Other Troubles in Manageing this Trust tis my Will that they my

Exects Allow themselves all necessary Charges and Expenses which they may

have been at in Relation to the same In Witness whereof I have put

my hand and Seal this fifth Day of September One Thousand Seven

Hundred forty and Six

Signed Sealed published & Henry Betteson Seal

Declared in presence of us

who are desired to be Witnesses


Will Wood

Frances Aver

The before written Will was proved in Common Forme the 3d April 1747

Before the Revd Mr Wm Waddon Clerk master of Arts Official etc And Admion

of the goods etc of the Deced and of all things howsoever concerning the said

Will was Granted to Jacob Eddy the Surviving Exect in Trust named in the said

Will being first Sworne etc/ Saving etc/

£ s d

Invent 207:1:0

The before written Will is a True Coppy Examined

and Compared with the Original this 14th Day

of April 1747

By us

John Bennett

Wm OKeeff

Contributed by Sue Boyland

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